Is my boyfriend growing out of love with me?

Ok me and my boyfriend have been together for 10 months now and every seems good but his behavior is starting to change. Its bad enough that his parents don't like me I don't know why because I am a respectful, ambitious young woman (own job, car and full time college student), but when I had asked him why they don't speak to me,invite me to family functions or even ask about me he tells me that its not a big deal. When we first started dating he was very helpful to me but now when I ask him to do things for me its either he's busy or already out and when I say I will do it myself he gets mad smh! Also when we first started dating he use to shower me with compliments and now its like he don't even notice sometimes. Another thing is he has been getting called into work a lot lately and I don't know if he is actually working or this is a excuse to spend less time with me. He is also religious and has decided to go on a "sex" fast for a week with a church member and I respect that but he didn't really discuss it with me or ask how I would feel about it, he just decided to do it out of impulse. I doubt that he is cheating but I'm starting to feel like the feelings may not be the same anymore?


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  • He may just be going through a stressful time.

    • yea I think that could be it 2, because his parents are not the easiest to deal with, he's trying to get to get his military and school stuff together as well.

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  • I don't want to be negative, but I believe his love for you is fading away.

    I'm not sure if my relationship is normal(she's sure it's not normal, I disagree), but something would be very wrong if I didn't compliment her at least 20 times a day.

    And there are few times I don't run around and help her with things, usually it's a good reason, or I'm just that into not doing anything just then.

    And if he's using hat sex fast as an excuse to not have sex because he doesn't want to do it. Something is very wrong.

    And if his feelings is slipping away, the chances are that hasn't even noticed it himself yet.

    Of course, you shouldn't take my word for it, I might be very wrong. It happens O :


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  • He may wonder what importance he should give you in his life. You've been together for almost a year now, it's getting pretty long...

    By an other way, you should talk with him because here it sounds like there is not much communication between the two of you.

  • Ok so, what shoud I do is... Ask myself If I am happy the same way, If my love for him is growing? If I still like him enough for turn of my back to this awsome guys out there? So Do this, You will find an answer inside you ;)

    Hope you are great


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