Slowly turning into a real relationship?

So long story short, I'm dating a guy who is significantly older than me. I've always gone for older guys anyway, because I've always been more mature for my age and guys my age never really shared my same interests or generational likes (I like older music, movies, classic literature, fine dining and wine, going out and actually DOING stuff, and I've already owned 2 of my own small local businesses out of my home. I'm ambitious and independent and know what I want to do, as well as artistic and musically talented).

Anyway, the relationship with this man was not planned, neither of us really expected it to happen, it just kind of happened and our friendship developed into something more when we recognized our mutual attractions to one another and our common interests and complimenting personalities.

However, the age differences has been an issue for him in the sense that he's divorced with two kids, very vocal about politics and involved and well known in the community and is worried that if we were to be public that nobody would vote for him whenever he decides to run for political office because he's dating a woman 32 years younger than him (I'm 23, he's 55). His kids are his number one priority and concern, being he had them late in life and they are 13 and 8.

So we have some obstacles. We decided to just see where things go though and not worry about it and have been dating for about 2 months now. Last weekend we took our physical relationship to the next level with sex and I stayed over for the first time (which we were both excited about). I stayed over one night during the week too, which I didn't except to happen because he gets up so early in the mornings before work. He makes me coffee and the second time I stayed over, he told me to not rush out of the house because he was leaving for work, but to stay, hang out, watch TV, whatever I wanted to do and make myself at home. I see this as a big step in the direction of trust and a sign that maybe he's reconsidering his hesitations in the beginning to us having a real relationship.

We always enjoy the time we spend together. Lots of smiles, great conversations and laughter. He calls me endearing names, and confides in me about his concerns with his kids (I haven't met them yet) and yesterday he called me just because to tell me about his plans this weekend with his kids, ask about mine, remembered I have a job interview on Monday and said he'd call me on Sunday (my day off), and said "Have a lovely weekend, stay out of trouble, I'll talk to you soon honey".

He babbles/rambles often when we are alone together or when he leaves me a voice mail and told me the other night that the reason he rambles so much is that if he keeps talking he'll eventually make me laugh (aww!). He's also said once when we were cuddling "You laugh in all the right places, I like you".

I think slowly but surely, maybe he's falling for me but wanted some second opinions and view points, from guys especially.

Also any tips would be appreciated on how to keep this relationship positively progressing. I like how things have been slow, not rushed and its just all been really natural. I really like this guy.I've experimented a little, he used to return anything I accidentally left, even if it was just a hair tie but the other day before he left for work he said "Don't worry about it if you leave something". So I left my bracelet on the bedside table.

I'd like to hear about any similar relationships
I also cleaned a little when I was there the other day after he left for work and told me to hang out.I washed the few dishes in his sink and scrubbed the sink (not bad but looked like it hadn't been cleaned for a while), wiped down the counters and swept the floor (resisted going home and returning with my Swiffer. :P ) I texted him later saying "You may notice that my silly OCD tendencies got the better of me earlier with your dishes and sink area. Hope you don't mind!" his response: Yer cute.


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  • Yup, though he may have been hesitant at first due to the age difference, there's definitely a good chance that he'll want to get more serious.


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