Used to like this girl, but cause of her mind games, I don't really anymore. Asking her to just be friends?

She's still cute obviously but I'm not as interested anymore cause I doubt she's in it for anything serious, and I'm not into things that don't really mean anything. But the thing is, she's still a pretty chill person to be with. Would it be awkward if I straight up asked if we could just be friends? Like, just hang out as friends, nothing more.

The most we've done is kiss, by the way. But I think she's just into me for something fun but not really going anywhere. Almost as if it's FWB.
  • Yeah, tell her in person
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  • It's okay to tell her over text or phone
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  • Don't tell her (too awkward/unnecessary), and just let the friends thing happen on its own
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  • Don't even be friends with her - just move on
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  • Other
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  • I couldn't vote. It depends on the outcome you want.

    A would be most polite, but perhaps too clingy, unless she wants something more.

    B would give off the air of informality or 'it's not really that important to me' but might establish what she really wants and where you really stand.

    If you want to teach her a lesson, do C. find some other girl to make out with and watch her flip sh*t. tell her she has no right, because you aren't in a relationship with her. then it's her move.

    D seems a bit too drastic. If you wish to cut her out, slow it down first. Unless, of course, you want drama. And she would definitely notice you unless this is a practice she does often,

    E, well, there are so many other options to explore. Personally, I'd see other people at the same time. Many girls have the habit of assuming, "If I wanted him, I could have him." You wanna get her attention? Break that cycle.


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  • Never do something like this over the phone.

    You can be a man and be straight with her but there's a good chance she'll take it the wrong way and because of the fact you rejected her not take it well so if you want to avoid that you could do it in another way.

    Talk to her... and avoid the words "i don't like you anymore in that way" ... just say something like "i'm not looking for anything serious right now" as you don't want to reject her without needing to.

    You could also let it play out but when she's kissing you, she might think more of it then just having some fun and genuinely be interested in you which isn't what you want and bringing it up at that point is generally a whole lot worse.

    • Lol I do want her to be genuinely interested in me. But I'm pretty sure she's not.

      Yeah I wasn't gonna say anything like "I don't like you like that anymore" lol. I was thinking more along the lines of something like, "Do you wanna just be friends? I feel like this isn't gonna work out like this... but I do still need someone to watch those movies with."

    • thats a nice version of a rejection, but it still sounds the same as "i don't like you like that" towards someone who wants something else.

  • She's not even worth being friends with, just move on.

    • I disagree haha. She's chill in person.

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