Help?! Especially from girls- guys welcome too

Ok- I'm 24 years old and for the first time last week attended a new church bible study. There was a girl in the class who caught my eye. We briefly talked... she just told me where she worked etc. I did notice she was smiling while she talked- not sure if I should read into that or not. However, I'm always the guy who never knows when to make a move. I want to keep going to the weekly class for more than just seeing her. lol. I just don't know how and when I should ask her out... or should I just try to ask for her number first, etc... Like I said guys this is my weakest area... any step by step steps would be appreciated. haha!


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  • Ask her for her number next week in a casual manner. You could even ask her to lunch/dinner/coffee after bible study in a casual manner.

  • Wait a little longer, that's really quick to be making a move on a girl when you're in that kind of environment.


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