Guys please help me out with this one?

I hung out with a guy that I have known for 20 years for a month. We had a few really nice dates and hung out. We really connected. He said he had always liked me. Stopped by my house on his way to work to give me a kiss on my birthday. Sent me a text in the middle of the night saying he woke up and was thinking of me. We have a lot in common and he told me more than once he loves to talk to me and really enjoys my company. After or last date we hooked up. HE stayed the night. We had plans that afternoon. Anyway his sons car broke down and he was working on it. we were texting during this but he seemed really short. After a few hrs (because of my insecurities from past bad relationships) I sort of panicked. I told him I felt like I was being blown off. It offended him, and I know I should have just relaxed and trusted him. Anyway 2 days later he told me he wanted to slow things down. He has just broken up with his ex girlfriend 3 months ago. He has been on vacation with his kids then his brother. I really Haven't heard from him a whole lot. He has contacted me a few times but has not mentioned getting together. He told me when we talked about this he doesn't want this to be the end of us, but it feels totally different. What does it mean


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  • It means things were starting to overwhelm him, and when you panicked it made him want to take a step back just so things aren't going so fast.


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  • It sounds like he got what he wanted and is no longer interested because...

    "always liked me" - I'm going to assume this means more than a friend and because of this, no matter who initiated the dates, he knew what was coming and he went as far as to accept and have sex (I'm assuming that's what you meant). How immature is it for him to complete all that and then back off and say.. oh wait, we need to slow down.

    Gees, yeah sure it was tempting but that's not very considerate of him. If he really wasn't ready he shouldn't have gone that far.

    This guy sounds like trouble because he doesn't seem to have very much self-control. He thinks for the moment and if you want to be happy you'd be better off dating someone who sees things with the bigger picture in mind.


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