Help me understand this girl?

We "broke up" some time ago. We work together

She started acting really mean, she would try to push me away. When I seem really happy and talking to friend, I could see that she is either angry or sad. Sometimes, hearing my voice, she walks away and comes back 10 seconds later.

I don't have any interest in her anymore. She never talks to me and doesn't seem to have any feelings for me.

If she doesn't care about me anymore, why does she shy away from my voice when I am talking to other people or leave when I am talking about happy things going on in my life? Is she just bitter?


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  • Sounds like she used to like you and something happened between the both of you that annoyed her. She probably walks out of the room because she doesn't want to be around you. Just being honest. Unless she is a game player..if that is the case stop wasting your time and who can be upfront with their feelings and emotions towards you.

    • What does it mean? Why doesn't she want to be around you?

    • For whatever reason you broke up more than likely. It probably hurts her to see you and she covers it with feelings of annoyance

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  • She obviously is still affected by your break up. First: trying to push away, to prove she's over you

    Then jealous that you lost your previous contact and realising it. She's probably questioning herself.

    I don't know if the break up was mutual, or from one side. I don't know if she still likes you, but by now, she should be realistic about your feeling towards her.

    If it helps, I know from my past I regretted loosing contact and a friend more than the actual break up part and had to literally force myself not to drunkenly call them and beg for them to be back in my life, even if not as a boyfriend. If that girl is anything like me, she will move on withing a few weeks, though you working together sounds really awkward.


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  • Sounds like she's upset that you're not feeling any of the same anger or sadness that she does. She wants you to be miserable just as she is.


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