When guys are in a relationship, how do they feel about the girl?

Because I know that girls get all mushy and think about them all the time while listening to sappy love boyband songs, but what are guys like when away from their girlfriend?

I mean, BEYOND the sexual part, what do they think about when they think of the girl? Is she the first thing that comes to mind when they wake up, Do certain things remind them of their girl or make them think about her? Do they feel the same way as girls do but just don't show it?


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  • I can't answer for other guys, and I haven't been in a relationship yet, but I know that I am a natural romantic at heart. When I fall in love with someone, I think about them a lot, and it seems that just about everything reminds me of her. Maybe I'm just really in touch with my feminine side, but I believe that many guys really do think about their girlfriends much of the time, despite what they may tell you. Since admitting to romantic or sentimental emotions seems to be a very un-manly trait (according to popular media, anyway), most guys will swear up and down that they were thinking about football or something instead, rather than be ridiculed for being a sissy or something. lol I actually do think that women and men think far more alike than the world would have you believe, but because it's not popular to admit it, you won't hear it very often. We have deep emotions, too, but we bury them under the guise of being "cool". lol In some ways, I think we guys are actually MORE sensitive, which is one reason we are so reluctant to open up about our feelings. It's safer that way. ;)


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  • lol you have a lot of growing up to do.

    Really depends on the guy and girl, but in general here's what I've noticed.

    When young (teen years), yes, girls are a lot more mushy and think about them all the time and love them and focus on them a lot and for the most part guys are not like that. They are boys still driven by hormones to f*** and f*** many women and so they might think they love someone at that age, but they might not really (and likely don't) and so it tends to be short lived relationships. For some reason women seem to not let things go easily and after the first time they get hurt they seem to never love another guy quite as strong or even a fraction as strong again. They become more distant and such. Maybe jaded or I dunno.. something. Guys, however, grow up and finally start maturing and they finally do fall in love and men tend to fall in love harder than girls. They will put their entire focus of their lives on them. I've seen guys sacrifice friendships, family relationships, comfort of where they live (moving towards the woman), etc for women they love. I've rarely seen any woman make that kinda sacrifice for men.

    So ya, in general around your age range in middle and high school, ya, girls seem to be more focused on love and boys think more about the sex. As both grow up it seems those change to where women don't focus as hard on the relationship or love (not that they don't try or care, they certainly do) and men focus far harder on it and make it their entire life even.

    Hell, from what I've learned in Sociology, there are studies showing this truth through-out life. Men tend to have, on average, less friends than women after they get married. In fact, for women it doesn't change, for men it goes down to maybe a handful at best. The family becomes the focus. And the studies have also shown when a man dies first in a marriage, the woman will grieve and feel sad, but she moves on due to those friends she's retained and will live on fairly longer. Where as men? Well, when the woman dies first? They tend to become very depressed, distant, and tend to die not too much longer after the woman. The evidence shows that when a woman dies first, the man just seems to lose reason to live and such.

    So ya, the majority of a human life? Men are very focused on a woman and think about her a lot and tend to work towards her.

    And just in case someone goes "well why do they cheat." I can say that cheating is not really the norm. It's a problem and pretty large, but not the majority. And women cheat JUST as much as (according to some studies recently, more than) men.

  • I do think about her a lot during the day if we don't happen to see each other, usually it's some thing like a song that will remind me of her. A lot of times to when at work or where ever I am something will happen and I'll be like 'I can't wait to tell her about this'. It's little things like that and the feeling of needing her touch.

  • ughhhh. we think of you. but mostly sexual. no not sappy songs. makes us want to vomit. but I get the wake up and think of her. and other times. just we are not as out messed up as girls.

  • When I was dating, I thought about her a lot. Music that she liked reminded me of her, pretty much everything I knew she liked reminded me of her.


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