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tomorrow I'm going on my first date,what should I do ? any tips ? what should I wear,what should I say to him ? I'm so scared,i'm not so beautiful that's why I never had any boyfriend but finally my prince found me and I don't wanna loose him,help me guys please.


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  • just be yourself y,know don't try to impress the dude wear what you want to wear and just be yourself.


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  • If "your Prince" is a decent guy; if he's grounded enough to want a woman with integrity and a stable personality, downplay the way you dress. Downplay the makeup, and most of the accoutrement. Some men want to find their woman as admirable. They are actually looking for someone to look up to. You may not know that, but it's a common trait among men (who have a mind).

    Of course men have this biological impreitave to mate with the good looking women by their standards, and then again some guys just will mate with anyone.

    But a lot of guys- even when they're real young, are surprisingly romantic at heart...much more than most girls know. Believe it or not, we can be hopelessly romantic and idealistic.

    The best way to avail yourself to such a guy , is just that; make yourself unpretentiously available to him, as a friend, a companion, and maybe a lover.

    You can be nervous; if he's perceptive, he'll like it that you're nervous; it's a sign of interest. Men like to be wanted, just like women. Just don't let your nervousness come off as distance or disinterest. No one likes that, unless they like playing sick games.

    You gotta' be as close to your natural self as you can. If he's right for you, this will work out.

    Don't be so scared! If he's not the one, you have to move on and find the right one.

    As to what to say? Be spontaneous, and see if your communication just goes somewhere...that's what we all do every day anyway. Sure, you'll want to drop hints about your brains and your knowledge, but pause and think a moment before just blurting things out. If it flows, let it come. If it could wait, let it wait.

    Listen to him. Try to take a genuine interest in what he's about; try to relate.

    (Hey, this is a really important time to notice if he takes an interest in you, too). If he seems incapable of equal interest in you, he may not be ready for a real relationship...always make sure you're not trying too much harder than your prospective mate. It often leads to unhappy relationships. On the other hand, we often talk a little too much about ourselves, thinking we have to sell our strengths. That's just nervousness.

    Pay close attention and try to read him about this.

    On the other hand, if you're just both having a great time, forget the rules, and be in the moment.

    I've fallen very quickly in love with the right women, and these relationships lasted years.

    Try to have fun with it, and just be real.

    Oh, and remember: scarce as your opportunities may seem, a lot of that is just assumption on your part. Life can surprise the hell out of you. Often in good ways.

  • Tips? Have fun! Be in the moment!

  • Not think. Relax. Masturbate before your date. Be you and do not over think it.


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  • Don't say that you're "not so beautiful". Everybody is beautiful in their own way. It's not because you don't look like a supermodel (only 5% of the world looks like one) that makes you look not so beautiful. Make sure you feel good about yourself (not just on the date). Wear something that makes you feel good, because feeling good about yourself shows. Smile, be confident (if you're not feeling it, try to fake it) and just talk about random stuff.

    I don't date a lot and when I have a date I'm pretty nervous as well. I'm trying to look for an outfit which makes me feel good (just my favorite pair of jeans and a nice top mostly, always high heels), use some make up (but not too much) and make sure I look good and that makes me feel a lot more confident. You can talk about your day, your plans for the rest of the week/weekend, school, work, ...

    • he is so rich and I'm not enough like him,is their any problem with that ?

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    • well you are right,i should not care about his rich position,cuz he asked me out,thanks a lot.

    • You're welcome! Hope you'll have fun on your date :D

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