Girls: Have you ever played games and if so what games did you play?

Ladies. If you played games to get a guy, were you successful? And what did you do to get his attention?

How long did this game last? Are you two going out? Married? Or just flirting?

Did you play hard to get?

The waiting game?

Anything else?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I waited for this one guy for almost nine months because I wasn't sure if he liked me and only me. By that I mean, at the beginning of the school year he liked another girl who happened to be my sister. Even though we hit it off at the start of the school year, he couldn't stay true to one girl and I told him to leave me alone and stop flirting enless he's ready to be mine and only mine. After a two or three month falling out, I expressed interest in him again, to see if he was ready to give some loyalty into a relationship with me and he was. We got together on the 4th of June of this year, but once summer started I haven't heard from him once. Even though he seemed to really be interested in me, I'm worried somethings up since he hasn't called me ALL SUMMER!

    i think waiting was worth it, since it seems we had a nice thing going a good solid two weeks. School starts in less than two weeks, so we'll see where things go from there.


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  • I don't play games now. But when younger maybe waiting and hard to get. I can't remember lol

  • Chess, monopoly, connect four, guess who, clue


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