5 months after the separation I met a Guy online (stupid)?

I was married 11 years. I separated from my husband for two years, filed divorce papers and all. 5 months after the separation I met a Guy online(stupid) this Guy was also fresh from a separation from his 5 year relationship.

I have two boys with my husband and he always begged for me back. The new Guy was aware of this. I chose new Guy over my husband constantly, but would not cut my ex out of our sons life as new Guy requested. After a year and a half layer and plans to move in together, new Guy dumps me for another woman.

Now my soon to be ex husband is staying at my house trying to make it work. I saw on husbands Facebook that he messaged the Guy I was seeing asking him why he left me, and if he really owes me $ or am I lying. Its been two months since I was left for another woman I'm sire I know why. I would rather just forget the pain. I think that Guy two is just laughing that my ex messaged him. I feel my ex is not doing to good at winning my love back. What's Guy two thinking now? Is my husband just trying to mess with both our heads? Guy two is with a new girl. Why won't my husband let it go? Is he trying to ensure Guy two won't try to come back in my life so many gyrations. aaahhh.


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  • Being honest... I wanna know what do YOU feel? What guy do you really like? If you like one of them let him know, and make the other leave you alone. Take your life back to your control. Go out with friends, take sometime to know How you are? What you want, deserve and need?

    Just try to make your life happy. I am sure you will be ok.


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