Males why would a guy leave a his recent ex girlfriend a card that has no meaning to her?

My ex boyfriend and I broke it off, because to me there was no commitment and understanding, he said I was inpatient. I send him a text to let him know I was going out, so if he wanted to stop by to leave the keys at my apartment since I would be gone. He sure did which I was happy he did, but then felt frustrated, because he left a card saying I am a blessing to him, a piece of heaven, and that he loves. .. which it went straight to the trash. I don't believe him at all. . That's why we are not together no more. . First I found Facebook messages saying how he was going to share his house with a girl at another country, then erased texts and calls from the callog, last he stated he had a ring for me on year anniversary for the significant of the relationship and never saw it... I got irritated always him being late for our outings. . When we broke it off I told him "you always have other matters that come between us. . He said "your mistaken and if that's what you believe I wish happiness." I told him commitment and understanding is important to me and moving forward with the relationship was best to END..

Glad he brought the keys over, why would he leave a card when we broke it off? ? Guys please help. ..


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  • Okay, sharing his house with a girl in another country sounds a little sketch, same with the erased calls/messages, that kinda dishonesty is a sign that if he wasn't cheating on you, then he was at least thinking about it, and had to get rid of the evidence so he wouldn't be accused of anything. So, maybe he wasn't guilty of cheating on you, but you don't want to cheat on someone if it's a healthy relationship. Same goes for him showing up late, only times I did that were when I either didn't really want to go, or I was too busy getting high, or both. But look, I've thought about cheating on my girlfriend, and even did some similar things with people from other countries, but as far as he's concerned, he's not guilty of anything until he actually cheats on you. That's how most guys think, anyways. It may just be that he was insecure about his relationship and wanted to see if other girls could make him feel more secure, or if it was just him. I know that's what I ended up going through, and found that it was just me, no other girl could make me feel more secure about my relationship, I had to change who I was.

    So, I don't know, he could have left a card just to be civil and nice. If he were mad at you after breaking up, but still left a card, then I don't know, I would say that he's actually trying to communicate some emotion through that. Especially since, if it were me who had just gotten dumped and I was upset about it, and even mad at her, I would not spend money on a card just to be nice or civil.

    • Thanks so much, now he sent me a music video via cell title "What's my life without YOU " Did you ever go back after breaking it off? I don't plan onto! I am trusting my women intuition he's not easily to stop talking to even like ignoring his card and music video. .

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    • Well, sending a music video titled that is a little childish, dramatic, and immature. Honestly, sounds like he can't handle his emotions and is doing this out of impulse. Given however long it takes him to get over you, afterward, I'm sure he'll say it was for the best and will have moved on to somebody else. It's just up to you if you want that to happen or not. Because he will move on, eventually. I mean, unless he's really, crazily in love with you, and would literally rather die.

    • Thanks I think he needs time. .

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  • because he either A: really cares about you and feels that he messed up and didn't prove it to you, so he is trying to tell you. he feels that he failed you. (its hard to explain, when my ex and I broke up I told her similar things)

    or B: he's being manipulative and trying to woo you with sweet words...

    • Thanks so much yes. .its hard to say and now he sent me a music videos via cell "what is my life without you" Any suggestions on how to approach him regarding the music video. . My women intuition tells me he's going to keep sending me texts. .. any recommendations. ..

  • He doesn't want you to feel badly; maybe he's really sorry about his inattentive behavior. But still you did the right thing given his lack of empathy for you.

  • He may leave that card just to be friendly.


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