How do I get to know him without messing it up this time around?

A guy I had a crush on in college never seemed very interested. I knew if he just took the time to know me he would see we have a lot in common. I noticed him staring at me all the time, but whenever I talked to him, he acted aloof/stand offish. He's a popular football players, yet I liked him because we are both Christian and virgins until marriage. I found these things out about him, since he's so popular, but he didn't know that about me. We are form the same town as well. Now that we graduated, he Facebooked me saying he liked the Christian vid on sex and marriage that I shared and wanted to know how I was doing and if I was in town. I seem to mess up my relationships by being needy/emotional too quickly. Any advice on NOT messing this up and taking things slow?


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  • I can't make it out how sociable you are, but my advice to you is to expand your inner circle, hobbies, and interests. Having a large network of friends can keep you busy, which can ultimately help keep you from clinging to one in particular. People that are busy don't have time to be clingy. Lastly, work on your self esteem( exercise, learn a new sport or dance, treat yourself to a day at the spa or your favorite store, and socialize more to boost your confidence.


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  • how? you just need to relax and take it slow with him... do this by not being too eager or too excited at the start, just play it cool but still interested and fun!


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