Random Hookup. That might be more?

Friday night I decided to go out on the town and drink my sorrows away. I actually went out hoping I would run into my ex friend, hoping he would see me and regret his decision on not talking to me. Well...turns out...I could really drunk. As in I do not remember 90% of my night.

I somehow met this guy along the way and remember walking the streets with him, holding hands...kissing...etc etc. We went back to his friends place where he was staying and we went all the way. It was mind blowing sex.

He brought me back to my friends house and we exchanged numbers. I honestly didn't think that we would ever speak again. He began texting me the next day. TBH I didn't even remember what he looked like. We ended up texting all day yesterday and he did send me a picture of him. Low and behold. He is sexy. We continued to talk and he actually added me on FB! Well he asked me to add him! We texted all night and he even texted me today saying "Whats up beautiful?"

I actually kind of like this kid, but I am pretty sure I ruined every single chance I do have of it developing into something more because well...we did some drunk stupid things. He even said he doesn't judge me because of it because he knows how drunk we both were and I seem awesome.

He lives kind of close to me and well I guess my question is...

Have you ever had a random hook up that led to something more?


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  • Have you ever had a random hook up that led to something more? nope.


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  • some people get married...

    it just depends on the other person but the odds are against you. try not having sex...with him and see what happens.


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