How do I take this further guys?

There is this dude I am into. We met threw friends and we have only hung out twice alone but a few more times with friends. When we chilled alone our conversation turned straight to sex, but we didn't really make a move on each other. How do I know if he is OK with me making a move? We were hanging out with our friend and a different friend wanted to come over to but we didn't want him to so he told me to tell that other friend that I was trying to get some from him. Does that mean he's OK with it? We usually lounge on his bed and its a pretty big bed so we don't really sit next to each other. How do I go for the move or should I?


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  • i think you should give him the time to make the move.


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  • Well if you're both safe and you really want to just go do it. Maybe move towards kissing him?

  • Just do him already

    • Haha I can't just pounce on him. We haven't had any sexual contact (i.e. kissing, touching etc)

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    • Hopefully :-)

    • (like Nike)-Just do it, not hopefully!

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