Girls, are you into games?

How many of you are into games, not just video games but tabletop too? Are you into the story at all or is it just casual fun with friends? Is there any genre you prefer, and are there any stereotypes you'd like to clear up about gamer girls?


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  • I love video games! I'm currently in the middle of replaying Twilight Princess. I've never really played a tabletop game like DnD, but my friend has started organizing a tabletop Pokemon which I am super excited for!

    I'm not a huge fan of shooter games, since my personal style of shooting can be described as "shoot everywhere and possibly hit the target and maybe also some teammates.. hope I have unlimited ammo." Racing games kind of bore me unless it's Mario Kart.

    As for stereotypes, I think Mormollio summed it up pretty nicely lol. I've had guys tell me it's hot that I play games, but then change their minds when they see me in pajamas and messy hair fighting Ganondorf to the death. XD

    • Change their minds? God, why are some men so stupid, that would be even more attractive to me. It shows you can pretend, and be devoted to an imaginary setting. That rocks!

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  • I've never played table top games, but I hear they're fun. If my friends "video games are fcking nerds" sister likes to dungeons and dragons I'd probably end up liking it too. I've always beens into I like it more for the art and story, as opposed to game play. Ex. I don't mind playing point and click video games if the story and graphics are good enough. I don't really play fps, just because guns aren't my thing. Like right now I'm super into skyrim, that's the stuff I'm into the freedom and atmosphere.

    Common misconceptions? I'm not saying girl gamers can't be hot, but some guys are bit disillusioned about girl gamers... link

    that sums it up nicely...

  • I like to play games for fun not very good. I like mealy games and first person shooters. I like games like "Yahtzee" and "Monopoly". "Angry birds and puzzles". The story line is not important to me unless it's a series that I like other than that. I do not enjoy games like "Fable" I like games like "Doom, Dmc, Portal and Fear". I am cute so I have been told.

    My uncles wife is beautiful from Canada. They met over "Halo". Dang is she good. People left the game because she kicked butt.

  • No

    When I played I was never into the story, I just played the game and ignored all the story aspects.

    Wasn't that casual about it, was quite into it. I prefer FPS.


    • Do you get more satisfaction knowing the fool who's head you just blew off is a guy, or does it matter?

    • I get irritated at girl players because they're usually screaming and not playing properly.

      About the guys... nope. Not at all. They had a nice atmosphere going many years ago, it was all fun even if they did throw insults at each other. Things have changed, it's not even close to being healthy.

    • You are so dead on, used to play the FPS scene heavily and it was about solid gamers with maturity having healthy competition, now it's about 11 year old Johnny Sunnovabitch who convinced his neglectful parents to buy him a game so he and his idiot peers can ruin it for the rest of us.

  • I'm into just about any game I have time to actually get good at :P I finally set myself up with some emulators because I can't afford game systems, and right now I'm in the middle of good old Ocarina of Time.

    Stereotypes... I'd like people to stop treating "gamer girls" like we're unicorns or something. Gaming is only a "boys club" when guys make sexist remarks and bully us out of playing with them.

    • That's dead on. I can't stand the lobbies that want to use the anonymity of the internet and the presence of a disproportionate amount of guys to bully girls out. I wish there was a separate lobby category for most games that was monitored, that way the frat boy douchebags could stay in their channel and the monitored channel would have more girls for me! haha

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    • The quality is quite low as the admins are the ones doing it as well. I used to play CS and along with newer FPS games the crowd moved elsewhere and what was left was disappointing. Nothing much to start up a decent community and spirit so servers died down, admins became slack and took on the same attitude as the general population of that game. Wasn't really any good options or servers left to play. And can't really lan as the CS community is slowly getting wiped.

      Girls were a little slow to

    • start with games but they've increased so much. At least there's hope in other genres.

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