Like the girl at local variety store but there are some unknowns?

i've developed a bit of a crush on the girl at the local variety store , its a very small town so there isn't a lot here and often some good looking girls work there . she's a fair bit younger then me and I have no idea if she's single or not . but I'm extremely attracted to her and I'd say a lot of that is sexual but she also is very nice and comes across as descent . she seems to have it all, great body , cute and nice personality . definite a keeper if I can get her . but she's younger then me and I don't know a lot about her so where do I start ? and she might be going back to college in September also I'd guess . is this an option or just some lust for someone I find attractive


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  • Start a conversation with her, find out about her that's the best way to figure this out , dress nicely , groom yourself, approach her with a smile ,keep good eye contact , be aware of your body language and hers, and if she's available and shows interest make plans to meet .


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