I believe a married guy at work, has a crush on me?

Trust me there won't be any action taken. I'm also pretty damn sure on his part too. But just the things he does around me it seems like he does and I do know it's completely normal just as long as there isn't any action involved. But man it's one of those moments where you kind of wish they were single but can't do anything about it. He is a really nice guy and deserves his good wife, plus he has a little girl.

Plus who knows maybe my instincts are wrong... I'm not going to think much of it either really.

But I was kind of wondering about others on here, if they've had this happen to them too. Just curious.


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  • I have seen it before, work is boring so of course there is flirting going on, even if its innocent.

  • If he's married, then just avoid his advances...


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