Is he weirded out? Are we only just friends?

there is a guy who used to ALWAYS initiate contact with me. He would call me, approach me first when he saw me, text me, I'm me, everything. He would be super flirty. Lately tho, he's not as eager as before. He still says sweet things but I feel like I'm the main initiator and I don't want to be that. I would like him to approach me like before. What happened? He never asked me out By the way. He would hint but I never came out with asking me out so I kinda don't know exactly how he feels about me.


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  • I think he likes you but he may be shy and doesn't want to take the big step and ruin the friendship unless he is sure that you are interested. He may be hesitating because you are pushing him away even if that was not your intent. Try initiating once and a while to show him your interested also and build up his confidence. Then he will likely ask you out.

    • thx. that's what I was thinking too but wasn't 100%

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  • He just may have stopped if he feels you don't reciprocate the interest.


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