What's the best way to keep him away?

My ex is still in love with me(thought I was the one), I broke up with him, almost 5months ago. It wasn't because I fell out of love with him, hell I still have feelings, but because of some intense trust issues. However, I've been really thinking about blocking his number and blocking him on Facebook(really need time to heal as it hasn't happened yet), but while I can do that, he can still show up at my work and I don't know what to do. I've already hurt him enough by breaking up even if it was for good reasons, but I don't like hurting people and I know technically I can't make him stay away from my work(it's a little town market). What's the best thing to do?


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  • Actually, you can keep him away from your work place. Your boss should know and understand that someone in your personal life is harassing you. With that being the case, he/she should and can ask him to leave if he tries to talk to you. You can also threaten him with the police, so it is possible to keep him out of your workplace.

    Youre worried about hurting him...youre not. He is hurting himself by not accepting that your relationship is over. This guy seems like the type who thinks he owns his girlfriend (assuming he is the one with trust issues), so even as an ex he is dangerous. As I said, he's hurting himself.

    By blocking his number, FB, etc, you are actually helping him. He needs to let you go. Separate yourself from him and help him to do the same. Don't communicate with him. Don't give him an explanation of why you blocked him. Just take the dive and do it.

    Since you do have feelings for him, I would suggest supressing them in order to ensure you don't get back together with him...I think he might be a tad too controlling to be good boyfriend material...but that's just my assumption.

    Good luck...hope it all works out.

    • That actually is good advice. I think part of me is waiting for him to go to jail to make things quiet(he's got it coming hence trust issues, actually on my end), but while court business is slowly happening, I don't know when that's gonna happen.

  • What's the best way to keep him away? Ignore, block, avoid.


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