I don't get it -- what is up with her?

So, firstly I am not good with knowing with girls liking me or not. But ill tell you what happened:

I work with this girl and we see each other at work. When I see her I say hey and when she sees says my name and waves. So I decided to just ask her out here's how it went:


I gotta go sleep

Thanks for messaging have fun with your buddies!



hey so before you go I wanted to ask you




if you wanted to meet up some time we could go to dinner you know no pressure obviously


yeah sure! I'm not sure when/if, what with work this week, but go ahead and text me: 00000000000





bye good luck tomorrow haha

So we go out with a bunch of people from our work, just because, and she sits on the other side of me. She doesn't really talk to me directly too much, but when she does I noticed she doesn't really maintain eye contact. But to this other guy who also works with me she does and they talk a lot.

So today was our last day working and she is saying good bye to everyone and hugging them. She comes to me and says "So we will talk later?" Because I told her to text me when she would be coming back from New York so we could go out for dinner like we planned. I don't get it?


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  • I think she is interested in you because she did ask to talk later, but sometimes its easier to talk to guys that you don't have a crush on, because no matter what there is always that fear of being rejected. As for her talking with the other guy, they could just be really good friends. How long have you known her?

    • True you are right. this other guy she know a lot longer. We have only know each other for 3 weeks now. Only seen each other at work like 3 times now.

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  • well I think there's a good chance she is interested or else she wouldn't have agreed to go out to dinner with you. BUT here's the thing, you have to make sure it wasn't one of those plans people make that they have no intention of actually keeping... so if she really is interested she actually WILL keep her word and go out with you. so in my opinion that will be the deciding factor here.

  • Shes not interested and doesn't know how to tell you. Or she's really shy when it comes down to someone liking her.

    • She not interest and doesn't know how to tell me. So she gives me her number and tell me to text her? I am not a girl but even I know that's dumb as f*** if you don't like someone lol.

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