Did I do the right thing by testing him or did I make him do this?

I have been seeing this guy for 2 months. He hadn't text or contacted me in two days. We both knew we would be at the same bar on Saturday. When I saw him I waved and he waved back with a huge smile. I decided to talk to him for a minute than returned to my friends. I wanted to see if he would try to approach me or talk to me so I kinda waited patiently. He went up to 3 of my friends asking why I Haven't spoke to him and if I was mad at him. They acted like they didn't know. Later on I caught him outside making out with another girl. ? I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder "are you have a good night?" I asked. With a huge grin he said "I'm having a great night!" I walked away. So confused.


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  • You deserve it. You allowed it to happen trying to play as if you were not interested and even had your friends play stupid. You knew that you were both going to be at the same bar, your greeted him and saw that he was happy to see you, yet you barely spoke to him, walked away without inviring him to join you. After a cold reception like that I would have done the same thing, what did you expect him to do, cry in his milk? To be sad that you were basically telling him that you were not interested and giving him more or less a cold shoulder.

    What is that old saying, you reap what you sow? Yeah kind of fits here.

    Hopefully you learned your lesson.

    Yes playing hard to get can make someone try harder, but it can also make them feel as though you are either not interested or that they have no chance.

    Live and learn I guess.

    (Honestly, I have been in the same position as you put him in except it was a party on campus and she was talking to her male friend (they were in the same college together) and after her not comming out to talk to me or anything else for over two hours knowing that I knew no one but her and that I traveled a ways to see her, I said she isn't interested, got REALLY drunk fast and started making out and groping another female that was dancing with me that turned out to be one of her dorm/condo mates. God I still think about her and how bad I screwed up. She was one of the few that I would have married at the drop of a hat.)

    IT happens, forgive and forget or move on...it is all that you can do.

    • Thank you. I wasn't sure but I think your right I think I pushed him to do it. So I'm actually the one who screwed up. Maybe I should trust my gut than listen to my friends they are the ones who talked me into doing this.

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  • stop being a child and playing stupid mind games. games are for children. I have 0 tolerance for that sh*t. I like my women being straight up and honest with me. I want a woman not some little girl. play mind games with me ill kick you to the curb with yesterdays garbage.

    • i agree too but if I woulf have never tested him then I could be still seeing him while he's doing ot behide my back at least I know what type of person he is now.

  • Testing is never the right thing to do, it's silly and immature. I'm not saying it's what caused him to make out with someone else, but it might have been.

    • Its funny you guys say this because a 30 year old man told me to do so. He told me I should never be the one to chase that gives them the power.

  • Did I do the right thing by testing him or did I make him do this? did the right thing.


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