Was this harsh or am I overthinking it?

So I met this guy on a dating site. He wasn't really my type but seemed nice and since he was new to the game I was being friendly and helping him out. I decided to hell with it we seemed to get along rather well in chats and email so might as well see if we clicked in person. I was waiting to get a reply email so I could ask him for coffee. About the same time I see this amazingly gorgeous guy in a profile. Turns out it was him just a different user and he took some much better pics to see if he got more interest. I unknowingly sent him communication to both ones. He replied back that I wasn't his type since he got screwed over by a bigger girl he refuses to ever date one again? I told him I would have to rethink our little friendship we had going. So I asked him how his day was and he told me he would like to go out sometime. I told him that it wasn't necessary since he spent three emails saying he didn't mean to be harsh but that's how it was over my weight. Am I being harsh by not giving him a chance or am I over thinking it?


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  • It sounds kind of creepy that he's making multiple profiles and then telling you different things on both of them.

    If this is how he acts online, I don't even wanna imagine what kind of issues he might have in real life.

    I say run for the hills from this guy.

    • I don't think it was like that. He took my advice on how to make it better but couldn't figure it our so he created a new one. He apparently tried to close out the other one but it didn't close out at the moment we only communicate through his newest one.

    • From talking to him he doesn't seem very computer literate so things can be tricky. As for his horrible profile he got divorced and finally decided to branch out. Honestly I feel kinda sorry for him is why I am offering all the pointers as he seems clueless and online dating can be brutal.

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  • Was this harsh or am I overthinking it? overthinking


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  • i don't think you're being harsh at all. I think it was quite rude of him to say that especially because he barely even knew you, it's very disrespectful. let him go

    • Yeah I did think it rather comical that he thinks skinny girls are going to be less bitchy lol

    • lol omg that's ridiculous! personality has nothing to do with body types, how can he not know that? I think that was a very rude thing for him to say and very dumb not to mention

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