Is she gonna be pissed if I get a girlfriend?

I met this girl at summer camp and I really care about her but she lives several states away. She calls me her boyfriend and I care about her but college is starting for me this year. So what if I meet someone who is actually real and in my life that I care for? What then?


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  • Just tell her the truth - you care about her and would love to date her, but you both need to be realistic, and the distance makes it unlikely that it could really last for long. Make it about her so she doesn't think you're just trying to get rid of her to keep options open... something like "It's not fair to you to be hung up on a guy who's so far away. Things might not work between us, so if you find someone you like who's closer, I don't want to to pass it up because of me." Once she realizes you're right, she'll hopefully agree and tell you the same. You can still talk to each other until something happens, but just be open to the idea that one or both of you could meet other people. I've had this conversation a couple times... it sucks, but it's reality.

    • It's gotten to the point where we talk about 5 or 6 hours a day at least and over time we started saying "i love you" to each other so I don't know how I can say this without it being really awkward and me looking like a jerk

    • Well, if you talk that much, I'm sure she'll know you're not trying to be a jerk. Just tell her it bothers you to think about it not working out, but you're both so young and shouldn't have to have the added stress of the distance. I completely understand your situation - I've been there twice, only I met the guys on here. lol. But it still feels the same. Good luck, and let me know how the conversation goes!

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  • If you're planning on looking around and not honoring your relationship with her, you need to break it off before you cheat. Obviously if you're looking forward to meeting someone else she doesn't matter to you.

  • You need to make it clear to her that you are not her boyfriend. Tell her you care about her and like being friends but aren't seeking a relationship with her. If you continue to lead her on, that's your bad and that makes you a jerk.

    • well I'm cool with being her boyfriend unless I meet someone else. I do care about her and I get to see her occasionally.

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    • Why don't you chill out. You have no idea what I am like so don't talk to me like I'm a heartless a**hole. Oh yeah and grow some balls and don't be anonymous. Seriously it's girls like you that really piss me off. Id do anything to make her happy. You have no idea how true that is and how hard this whole thing is on me. I love her and this distance crap is killing me. Did you know that I drove 8 hours just to spend a few days with her? I'm just unsure of whether its worth keeping with the distance

    • Lol girls like me? You don't even know me or who I am. And you're talking about me growing a pair? Why don't YOU grow a pair and tell her the TRUTH instead of just stringing her along. Sorry the truth hurts! Funny how all you cry babies get all butthurt when someone doesn't sugar coat sh*t and tells you how it really is.

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