I slept in the same bed with this girl I really like, but didn't do anything with her. Did I screw up?

I had some people over the other day and she slept over too. She slept in my bed because It was one of the few spaces to sleep left. I've known and liked this girl for a while now, and I have just been to much of a wussy to say anything to her about it. Well, we stayed up talking until 4 AM and I still didn't hook up with her. I felt as though if I did she would have thought I was too pushy or sudden. Also, I wasn't even sure if she was up for it because I didn't catch any of the signs, unless of course the mere act of sleeping in the same bed as me was her way of signaling me. I don't know how to feel about my decision, but I am starting to regret it terribly. Did I completely screw up my chance, or did I make the right decision?


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  • I don't think so. She might actually have a better opinion of you since you weren't trying to take advantage of the situation. If you like her, ask her out. You can even tell her that you really enjoyed staying up late and talking 'till 4 AM-she'll probably think it's sweet (and not in a dorky way...or at least I wouldn't take it like that)

    Good luck :)

    • I call bullsh*t.

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    • My A and B options were if he tried to hook up with me- sorry I didn't have that in the description. And no there's nothing wrong with having relationships that are purely physical, and heck it is possible to develop more than just sex even if it starts that way, but were all chances blown by NOT going for it that soon? As a female I don't think so. The only insight I can provide is "if it were me" which I can safely say there is still a chance, but our QA won?t know unless he asks her.

    • Oh course he didn't completely 100% destroy his chances, but he did some decent damage to them IMO.

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  • Yeaaah bad move. Basically if you want to be boning a chick, don't stay in the same bed with her unless that's what your doing. The bed is kind of the territory of to bone or not to bone, and you just basically told her not to bone.


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