Do you think my friend is right?

today me and the guys were having a discussion with our friends who are girls about abusive relationship. One of the guys was saying he would hit a girl so I said to him how could you ever hit a girl and why would you and he said girls talk all this sh*t about they want equality and want to be equal with men so if a girl hits me I'm hitting her right back. Me and my friends disagreed with this what do you think?


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  • It's kind of one of those fine lines- I would agree that if I hit someone I should be prepared for them to hit me back. That being said, I don't generally go around hitting guys except playfully (they often playfully hit back) and if I ever accidentally hurt one I'd be upset (the few times a guy even acted hurt I was upset and apologized immediately). I do hate girls who think they can go around hitting guys with impunity- that's just ridiculous. The only time I would ever hit a guy in order to hurt him would be if he was physically hurting me or someone I loved. Then it's justified.

    But let's go out on a limb and say you're in a relationship with a girl and you get into one of those really intense fights, she just clocks you one. Are allowed to hit her back? Well, honestly my gut reaction is no, don't hit her back, but definitely restrain her so she doesn't do it again and then end things because obviously you don't want to date a girl who's going to hit you to hurt you. But I suppose I can't logically argue it's wrong since if our positions were reversed, I'd feel a girl was justified in hitting a guy back.

    The one difference being is that while I consider myself fairly fit and strong (I'm not jacked or anything but I'm not a weakling), the facts are that being a 5ft nothing fairly thin woman, I simply cannot hit as hard as most men and thus would not do near the amount of damage if I hit someone as if a guy did...So I lean towards no, but I can see where your buddy is coming from and wouldn't argue with him as long as it was ONE hit, not actually continuing hitting the girl after she hit him once.

    • i see but even if a guy did hit his girlfriend back or hit any women who hit him first if the police got involved its more likely the police would believe the women over the man because abusive relationships are majority men hitting women not women hitting men a friend of mine wanted to out a restraining order on his ex girlfriend because she was crazy she threaten to beat him with a base ball bat and the police didn't even believe him.

    • Yeah- the law does still tend to side with women, and while it is changing, it's slow like with most legislation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating hitting women- I have never been hit by a guy in my life and believe me having grown up with older brothers, I know I definitely had it coming a few times when we were kids- they just didn't because they were taught it's wrong. I wouldn't take kindly to a guy who hit a woman, I'm just saying I can see where your friend is coming from.

    • yeah I know I don't believe any guy should hit a girl or vice versa

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  • I think it's silly. No one needs to hit each other like that (not talking about discipline as a child).

    I think he's using it as an excuse to hit girls because he wants to, simple as that.

    If a guy didn't want to hit a girl at all, he'd never bring up the fact that the girls could 'cause' him to hit them.

    • Makes me consider if I'd hit a girl back if she hit me... because really, no one should hit another person like that ay so hm! I guess I'd just not have to, never really thought about it in my instance.

    • yeah and one of my friends who are girls was saying a girl shouldn't hit a guy true but if she did he shouldn't hit her back because guys are stronger then girls

  • Well, to be honest, if someone hits me, I'd hit back, no matter if it were a guy or a girl. I don't think women should hit men. If they do, I'd have to know the circumstances.

    If the women is abusive and hits her guy a lot, and he punches her in the face, I'd say:you go guy!

    But if the women is mad at him because he's acting like a jerk and gives him a slap in the face, the guy shouldn't hit her back because he brought it all on himself.

    • yeah true but I just can't stand guys hitting women I saw a guy slap his girlfriend at a party once and when I saw that I ran at him and started beating him I don't like that at all guys hitting women like I said if my girlfriend hit me then id take it or run away or something I just couldn't do it

    • I know guys who hit girls in a fight or something. I don't like it either but if the girl hits them, it would be a bit understandable if they hit back ( not a fist punch in the face but a little slap). But if she never hit him, a guy shouldn't hit as well.

  • I try not to base hitting someone on gender. If someone deserves to be hit for a legit reason then yea it makes sense. Most things can be settled without putting hands on someone.

  • I see his point. Men should never hit women but also women should never hit men. If it is self defense then he has his right to defend himself. But in general people don't seem to realize that no one should hit anyone whatever gender you are unless there is a rational reason to.

    • i don't kno I don't think I could have the heart to hit a woman though if my girlfriend tried to hit me I would just take it or run away

    • You are a good man but if your girlfriend swung a punch and knocked you on the ground and was about to hit you again, then you have to defend yourself somehow.

    • i don't know I could defend myself by stopping her then run away or somthing but even if I stopped her I don't want to makeitseem like I'm hurting her I was taught never to put my hands on a women and I wouldn't want to either

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  • I have been punched by a girl. I subdued her, but I did not strike her. If a guy hits me, I hit back.

  • I agree with him. I never instigate physical confrontations, but don't put your hands on me.

  • i think it is stupid if a guy says he can hit a girl in the name of equality. instead why doesn't he treat another guy as gentle as he treats a girl. why guys always justify violence on girls when it comes to equality ?

    a guy can hit a girl if she really threatens him as much or she is about to hurt someone he really loves. equality means girls have freedoms to choose their future just like guys do. it doesn't mean they want to be treated as harsh as guys.

    i don't know why many guys in western society only bring up women paying cheaper for car insurance to criticize equality while at the same time they don't mind women are paid lower ?

    also, in western culture, men use female gender to insult other men.

    why do western guys blame female gender whenever they see men drivers drive bad ? if you drive bad then just admit that you suck at driving, why say driving like a woman?

    why can't women blame male gender if men drivers drive bad?

    and why they call women drivers drive like a man when they drive great ?

    where is the equality?

    why do the west always use female gender as an insult and male gender as compliment?

    why don't they bring up the kitchen or sandwich when men drivers drive bad? why only women?

    that is the proof that they still disprove "equality" that is why they don't bring up the kitchen or sandwich to insult other men. so I don't think guys have valid reason to hit girls/women in the name of equality because at the same time they don't approve it.

    so I think many men who hit women (without urgent condition) and bring up the kitchen and sandwich things in the name of equality are just sexist hypocrite bastards.

    • Women are not paid less than men for the same job. That is an outright lie that the media spreads. Men are still expected to be providers so they go into higher paying jobs. Men are also seen as more violent and more perverted as women in western culture. On average a man will do more time in prison than a women, if convicted of the same crime. Both genders suffer at the hands of sexism. You are only picking and choosing certain traits in order to support your case while leaving out others.

  • Men have a right to defend themselves from a woman, just like a woman has a right to defend herself against a man. That is equality. If you don't want to get hit, then don't attack someone else.

    • no not me if my girlfriend hit me I would either try to dodge her or run from her or take it

    • I have known girls that would just go around punching guys just because they thought it was funny that they could get away with it, because none of the guys would hit them back. One good slap from the first guy would have been enough to stop them from hitting any other guys. A person's gender should not matter one way or the other. If a person can not handle the consequences of their actions, then they can not handle equality. It is true of any person of any race, sex, or religion.

    • i agree bro

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