What if he makes you fall but never catches you in the end. Please advise.

I am madly in love with my friend, we have been chatting a lot, texting a lot and yes, we are just friends. He is still on the process of fixing his broken heart. He said he is not ready for any relationship yet because it will be unfair to anybody. Anyway, I think he is still madly in love with his ex girlfriend. He really can not move on after one year they have already been separated and the girl doesn't even want to talk to him and the girl already has a new boyfriend.

Now I am away from our town, and never one day he misses to message me. He is really there for me as a friend and I am also quite happy that he is always there for me. But sometimes, he is getting way over what it should be, like he becomes too sweet, and he is telling me he will miss me, and just call me with no reason just to chitchat. I know I should not be expecting a lot. But it is hard for me to stay since I love him so much now, and still he is in love with someone else. I am afraid ill fall so much, and then he will not catch me. Even if I don't talk to him, he always give effort to reach out to me, so I don't have the space to move on.

But I love him so much.


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  • He might really care about you, but still need time in order to get over his ex. Or his pain from the breakup is making him weak and vulnerable right now, and a part of him is reaching out for acceptance from a female in an unhealthy way. Either way he is not ready to be in a healthy relationship yet.

    Either you need to try and get over him, or he needs to hurry up and get over his ex. As things stand right now, neither of you can end up happy.

    • i understand. is it okay just to stay as a friend? I think I should just not expect and just to go with the flow.

    • If you can stay friends with him and not get hurt it is okay. I have a hard time getting over someone while being friends with them and require some space. It just depends on what is best for you. Maybe if you start dating some other guys, either he might snap out of it and realize what you mean to him, or you might find a nice guy that you can fall in love with. You can't put your life on hold while you wait for this guy.

    • thanks a lot. you know he always asks me if I'm dating anyone. and once I told him I kinda like someone, he always always asks me about it.

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  • I think all he needs is time... to get over his ex and to see what he has with you.


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  • At least tell him so he can consider it then.

    • well, I don't want to push him though. I know it is hard to move on. and telling him I like him is not my option. I tried to not talk to him, but he is always telling me why am I not messaging him am I too busy? and stuff that he shows me that he really wants to talk to me. But I know it is just in a friendship level. Is he too friendly with me?

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