Should I explore a relationship with this girl?

So about 4 weeks ago, a good friend of mine that I hadn't seen for a while organized a farewell party since he will be going to study abroad. The party was at my dad's cafe-bar (where my friend also used to be my colleague). There, through a funny coincidence -she thought I was a waiter- I met a girl and got her number a while later. While she isn't exactly what I like in terms of looks, she seemed funny, charming and most of all, mature. And since all my previous girls where not older than 17 (I'm 20, just like this girl) I decided to try it out. So I texted her the next day, we went out for coffee, and we made out.

The thing is, as I said, I'm not in love with her or anything. And while I don't chase after the 'hot' girls, I'm fond of girls who are playful and she doesn't quite fit this type (she is also taller than my exes and I quite a fan of small frames!). It's not that this girl is ugly and dead serious, but I hope you get me. So, on the one hand this is good because I don't dive in emotionally like I did with the previous girls, on the other if I don't feel in love I feel as if she is not my girlfriend. My friends tell me that I should relax and watch where it goes and they have a point; I just don't want to lead her on. So do you think I should stay a bit more (we are 'together' for less that a week now and seen each other only twice) and give it a chance?


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  • Its been less than a week dude...i'd hope you wouldn't be in love with anyone in that amount of time. I really don't get what your motive with her said you don't want to lead her on? There's 3 types of relationships... Just friends...friends with benefits..and dating which may or may not turn into bf/gf. You may or may not know right now what you want, or how she feels about you. If you only want friends then you've likely already lead her on by making out.

    • No, I don't think I lead her on so far. I'm just trying not to be superficial with her and base everything just on looks. I know I would've been more enthusiastic if she was the type of girl I normally go for, I just want to try and base my judgements on personality.

    • Sounds find to me then. Focusing on personality and who she is on the inside is more important anyway.

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