Do You Think I'll Get a Second Date? Advice Help Please!

So I met this girl on OkCupid. And, anyway, just to cut to the main idea, I went on a first date with her last Wednesday. I took her to Winebar in NYC for a wine tasting deal from Savored. Getting there was slightly embarrassing because I was using the wrong directions to get there, but I made it up (I think) by playing it light-heartedly and saying ‘yeah, I planned it this way…think of it as me screening you ;) ” as we were walking there.

I think the date went great. She never pulled her cell phone, said she had to go, or looked around bored. She was genuinely engaged and looked to fill in any potential silences with more conversation (even before I could switch gears to another topic). From a observational standpoint, I know that she was moving her hair over her head from one side to the other and also kept ‘fluffing’ it. It was almost to the point where I felt like telling her to stop, lol. Anyway, we shared a lot of stories, eye contact, laughing, and I noticed she did that smile/look away giggle laugh when I just stared at her without saying anything for a few seconds. Date went from 7:30-10:40ish, a little longer than expected but good. Closed out the night with a kiss on the cheek and Christian’s line about maybe wanting to see her again.

Next day, sent a simple closed statement text of ‘hey meangirl:) [inside joke] had a awesome night yesterday.” And then it continued as follows:

Her: hey ha ha yea same, how was your morning, slight hangover?

Me: yeaaa, it was kind’ve tough to get to work today

Her: I just got back from hanging out with reality show people lol, so d list stars lol

Me: niceee, can’t say I’ve done that before. I draw the line at C-list.

(These texts were spread throughout the day)

Next day

Me: what do you have going on tomorrow. Ready for the hangover part 2? :)

Her: ha ha I might have some friends in town this weekend, I’m quite popular obviously haha

Her: sure you don’t need a map for hangover 2?

Me: ha ha yeaa

Her: What are you up to this weekend?

Me: My buddy is having a birthday bash tomorrow. So we’re probably going to pregame a bit and then head out

Her: Sounds fun, I’ll probs see what my friends in town wants to doo

Me: cool, let me know if you want to come. If not, we’ll just postpone the hangover 2 until next time

Next day

Her: Yea I’ll see if my friends are up for it

Me (much later at night): Getting a table at Gansevoort Park Ave at 11:30

Her: My friends are just getting in the city so I think we might do a low key night

Her: hangover 2 another night

Me: OK deal. have a good night :)

The last exchange was on Friday night. I’ve not texted since. What do you guys think as far as getting that second date? And what do you think I should from here?

Thanks, much appreciated!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I give you a C- at best. You need some coaching dude. If she was truly interested in you from the beginning...I fear you've lowered her interest level considerably since the end of the date. If you're not careful you will rush into rejection. Slow down! I counted at least 5 bad things you did which were not neccessary...and probably reflected bad on you. Depending on the type of girl she might have already killed your chance at a 2nd date. The question shouldn't be will I get a second should be...what did I do wrong that might keep me from getting a second date?

    • whats wrong ?

    • Couldn't find the wine tasting place- Next time scope out the destination before the date...

      Kiss her on the cheek- may or may not be a 2nd date killer...depends on the girl. Not recommended. Many reasons not to do it on the first date...wait until the 2nd.

      Told her you wanted to see her again...bad bad...

      Texted the next day- Next time wait 5 matter what girls tell you..I can explain why.

      Texted her the 2nd day

      Asked what she was doing the next day- None of your business

    • Told her to let you know if she wants to come...You're showing to much interest...too soon.

      You should have left this girl alone after the would be in much better shape. When she's not hearing from you she will actually think about you. Normally she will wonder if you liked her...but you made it too obvious that you did.

      Instead of telling her friends about you and the date...and talking about you...she just told them that you keep texting her about hanging out again!

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