Why does this girl make me so sad?

I know I shouldn't care because she treated me like dirt when I did not deserve it, and she has basically not spoken to me for almost three years except random times when she unblocked my # and texted with me a bit, then reblocked it.

She got married two days ago, and I saw a few pictures, and it made me sick.. This guy looks like a combination of Rick Santorum & a horses arse, and he is a terrible person who cursed me out before too, and yet she chooses to marry him and totally shut me out? It's not right and it makes me really, really sad. We used to have a deal that she'd marry me if she wasn't married by the time she was 28 too( 4 years from now and she is almost a year old than me) and she said how she didn't want a boyfriend anytime soon, blah, blah, but less than a year after she threw me away she starts dating this guy!

It seems pretty rushed too, like, she got engaged to him like a year later, and then less than a year later got married. It also makes it worse because both of them work in a field that I am in, and he in particular has a job I would really want, and I don't think their character means they deserve it(they are staffers for members of Congress)... meanwhile I get no where in my personal or professional life. I don't understand it I am a better person than both of these people yet they at least have the illusion of happiness, while I am just miserable and nothing changes. Help. :(


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  • Hey, relax for one <3 she's probably blinded by an illusion . And if she said that she'd marry you and didn't she doesn't deserve you. Just think she did your self a favor and you'll see that later on in life. As far as the whole job thing goes pray. My moto is, "Let go, let God"


What Guys Said 1

  • This "lady" is a loser. She basically wants a bruiser for a husband, you don't need her, there are better fish in the sea. Let Karma do its job.


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