How much longer do I have to wait?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 2months or more now, we've been texting for longer and had a few kisses on nights out before we started 'seeing' each other. I go to his and stay over and we're basically together, he just doesn't really show me public affection, doesn't walk home from his late at night and I can't see him wanting to be with me.. Guys would you have already made a girl after 2 and a bit months your girlfriend, when you pretty much spend every day with them? I just don't get it and I cba waiting around for something that I'm not sure will happen?!


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  • have you spoken about exclusivity? some guys will get into casual or FWB relationships so watch out I think you should talk about it with him and if he doesn't want a relationship be prepared to walk away with your dignity intact, I was in a similar situation and it's so not worth it

    • I'm glad you understand, that's what I mean I've tried to speak about it but I just fear having a serious conversation on it incase I look stupid, but I shouldn't feel like that as we're pretty close now. I said to him in a jokey way that I wasn't going to see him for longer than 3 months and not be in a relationship, he made a joke back.. I just don't get it, I think I'm here to pass the time! He blew it off the other day then realized he regretted it! I just don't know

    • just talk to him asap the longer you drag it out the worse you will feel. if you don't talk about it you will just be stuck wondering and that is an awful feeling. might as well know the truth and move on. trust me I JUST went through this.

    • I left it a couple days, but I think he realized and funny thing is after all this he asked me out on Wednesday! :)

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  • he is proably shy & inexperienced. mayb he fears he puts the wrong step & you reject him..u might have to take the lead and make the move..whats the worse that cud happen? you"ll teach him to be a better lover and ull be calling the shots

    • He's been in plenty of relationships and he's 23.. It's not that he's shy or whatever, I just don't get what it is

  • you wait as long as you feel comfortable with.

  • what exactly mean make her your girlfriend? isn't that kinda a mutual thing...

    • The girl should never be the one to ask a guy out, I mean I've said to him I'm not sticking around for months if it's just going to be this (in a jokey manner) But he just laughs..

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    • I never said I was valuable.. ha! All I'm saying is a girl never tends to ask the guy out lets be honest and I wouldn't wait around and possibly be played because I'm a lot wiser than that..

    • you have been seeing him said it in your post,...

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