Comments my boyfriend's family makes?

we've been dating a year and a half and when we are around his family and people he knows, they are always saying things like,"you still putting up with him?" or if I say I'm his girlfriend they say "I'm sorry" I know they are joking but it still kind of bothers me. it was funny when we first were dating but now I feel like they can stop now. they joke like because of the kind of person he is (outspoken,opinionated, and he makes jokes a lot too). I take it as they don't think a girl would like him. but we are private people and they have no idea how he treats me. he is the best boyfriend ever. but I don't think they get it. and it embarrasses me in a way, almost like they are insulting me for dating him. I always play along but should I say


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  • Story:

    There was a woman who worked where I did: nobody even remotely liked her. Someone bad-mouthed her; one of the others said, "Please don't talk about her like that. She's my friend." You could have heard a pin drop.

    There's a parallel here.

    • ive said things before like "he is a great man, I don't think so, I love him" but it comes from random people all the time. he comes from a small town and we see people he hasn't seen in a while or rarely see. and they make little comments. I don't care about those and I'll kind of stand up for him, but with his family I don't want to be rude to his family. I'm a shy person so I am also quiet so that doesn't help.

  • Don't play along, confront him about it.

    • i have asked him why people say things like that. he says it just because he has never brought a girl "home" and they don't know how he is with a girl friend. what else should I say to him? even though it offends me I feel like I need to defend him. he is the type of person who could care less, but I see it in his eyes when they pick on him. Like, "it was nice to see you again, next time you don't need to bring him..haha..." I don't know how to set boundaries with out being rude..

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