I asked a girl out and she said yes!

I asked this girl out and she said yes and now the next day after she was so exited she won't reply to my texts. she's not busy I know that. and we met online so there shouldn't be any shame in her just saying no thanks...

I'm just confused.

should I send her a text asking what's up? or should I just delete her and forget it happened?


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  • should I send her a text asking what's up? yeah

    • when? I already sent 3 today and I don't want to be a class 5 clinger

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  • disgusting.

    • whats disgusting ?

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    • its completely different. if it was for lesbos then it would be girls as girls read the damn site its girls ask guys. Its like a guy walking into victoria secrets and asking where the mens section is. There isn't one. You make no sense.

    • i am asking for ideas from both genders. you make no sense. I sked the same question pretending to be straight and I got the same answers. so if I'm gay, straight bi its all the same. you shouldn't be so close minded.

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