What should I do?

This girl I like, for a while now I've basically been quite close to her a few times and I think we're really good together, a lot of people think so too yet she doesn't think we're good together, how can I prove to her that we are?


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  • Ouch,

    you're in the friendzone dude.

    Learn to create attraction with girls instead of proving them you're the guy they should be dating...they should be chasing you :D.

    You're still very young so plenty of time to learn!

    This site gives excellent advice on dating and creating attraction for teenagers link

    And this book more for a general audience of men: link

    Getting out of the friendzone is nearly impossible so I suggest you learn from this experience and start improving yourself!

  • Just stick with it and if nothing happens, then nothing happens. You can't "make" someone like you.