Which guy should I choose?

So I have a thing for getting crushes on people I know won’t reciprocate. Maybe it’s a low self-esteem issue still lingering from some really unpleasant years as an adolescent. I say this all to say that I don’t really trust myself in who I feel myself falling for. I especially seem to have a thing for confident jerks that never follow through with the promises they make.

Recently, I met two guys. The first—I’ll call him John—instantly caught my eye. He was definitely what you’d call tall, dark, and…stocky. The second—I’ll call him Paul—was John’s friend. John is a very quiet and reserved person, so being the immature person I am, I tried to create chances to hang out with him by befriending Paul. Paul is a self-made person, and I appreciate that. Although he’s definitely not my type. (I’m a bigger girl and he has limbs the size of toothpicks.) Well, I’ve gotten to know Paul more and more. Just by chance, we’ve had several chances to be alone together for a while and chat for hours. Paul is fun to hang out with; we’re like partners in crime, daring each other to do crazy things. He’s a hard worker, and he seems ambitious enough. I didn’t even notice it, but all of a sudden, it seemed like we had a connection. However, I’ve seen Paul around other girls and he seems just as comfortable talking to them. Maybe he’s just an unlikely lady’s man.

John is not as easy to talk to. (Although, my one gift is that I can get anybody to talk and enjoy doing it.) I don’t know that much about him. He doesn’t seem to get out that much. I haven’t had a chance to hang out with him at all to know if he’s any fun to be around. But more than a few times, I’ve overheard him talking about me to his friends when he didn’t realize I was just around the corner.

After all these years of hurt and rejection, I’m not really sure if I trust my own senses. Is Paul just a lost cause? Something that happened because—like every time—I felt more comfortable around someone I knew I could never fully like? Do you think I should take a risk and go with John?


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  • You should go for Paul


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  • Which one do you feel a connection with? It's wrong to go for someone just because they will go for you if you don't feel that way about them.


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