Texting/calling -- how to act?

Well, here's the thing.

I'm pursuing a girl right now. The thing is, we mostly communicate by text/phone since she is working on a uni assignment all day and we aren't "close" enough to regularly hang out.

Now my question is: how often should I text? The problem I see is that it's often me who initiates texting contact. She always responds and usually with more than I sent her, but still.

I want to avoid the following:

- seeming needy

- being "too friendly" -> friend zone

- seeming "too available" (I don't want her to think, "oh, he's gonna text me soon anyway)

So my questions are:

- how often should I text her?

- how long should I wait till replying?

- how do I keep in contact without seeming needy?

And a final question:

If I want to ask her out, should I do it via phone or text? Phone is usually the much better option, but the problem is that she usually isn't home before like 6 pm and I don't know if I can just randomly ring her up (she did it once to me, but that was somewhat "work related").

And asking her by text if I can call her seems kinda lame (I also did it before).



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  • Ask her over a phone call


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  • Ask her over the phone but to avoid awkwardness it would be fine over text

  • Play it cool


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  • Try not to send back to back texts you wanna keep it like one you one her and one you 2 her do that by not replying right away . Asking her out over the phone or in person, and if your doing it over the phone keep your conversation short and to the point ( time, place, date)

    • Thanks, but I know that I'm not supposed to send back to back texts.

      The problem is, I was trying a bit of a "no contact" thingy to raise her interest. But I'm not sure if that's good. On the other hand, I don't always want to be the one who texts her first. I also don't want to have endless text conversations with her because that makes me seem like a "nice friend".

      We hung out a bit on Saturday but since then I've been trying to keep the texting down a bit.

    • Did not texting her work? as in did she text you, if so how ong did it take. I honestly don't suggest text much , talk on the phone or in person , again keep your convorsations short and be the first to hang up, "get busy" see how she reacts to not getting much attention , how are you two phsycally wise when you together not s3x but do you hold hands , or have your hand on her waist along thise lines

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