It's been two weeks since me and my long term girlfriend broke up, should I look into dating again now?

Exactly what the question asks. Not exactly committing to anything or anyone (relationship-wise at the moment), but more casual dating, getting into the feel of things again.

My girlfriend and I dated for almost a solid 9 months, just a week after we broke up, she started dating again. I have this strange feeling she might already be over it. I'm thinking it would be a good way to get my mind off the break up, but I would like some conformation of some sort.

Thanks in advance!


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  • do it whenever you feel ready buddy.

    I hear taking a good 30 days off to just be by yourself and learn the lessons you need to learn is a good thing though...

    Rushing into the next relationship without understanding what went wrong in the last one might make you repeat the same mistakes. By taking the time to think about what went wrong, what you now know you want and don't want, you grow and learn about yourself so you're better prepared for the next relationship to come.

    • Easily the best out of the two, no question.

      It's been a while, and even now that she's got a boyfriend, she's hitting on me.

      No thank you!

      I think I'm ready to go back on the dating scene, and lucky for me, I've got three girls who like me!

      Thanks! (:

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  • Ya if your over her

  • Id give it a month

  • Only if you want not because you feel pressured


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