I broke up with him, he's calling me asking to hang out, but I don't want to talk to him at all, what do I do?

Ok, first off I dated this guy ("Roy") for about 18 months. Now, lets back track- right after 12 months, we moved in together- we only lived together for about 3 or 4 months. I moved out because of multiple reasons. Ok, after I moved out- about 2 weeks later I had done enough thinking to where I wanted to end our relationship, mainly because I felt hardly any real love for him- meaning, if I was going to stay with him it would be out of, well, pitty. Anyways, he pretty much had a feeling that I was up to something and that I wanted us to break up because I didn't talk to him for almost 2 weeks after I moved out. Ok, last night I told him "It's over, I can't love you right now. My heart has done too much questioning and it's not right for us to be together. I'm sorry I would tell you in person but I'm afraid our conversation would get too volitile." (I said volitile because he has a history of "blowing up" and breaking expensive objects, it scares me). Ok, he sent me some texts and an email, and he called my house a few times today (but I can't answer it because I know he'll say something to try and convince my heart otherwise), he left me a message asking me if I could come over or if he could come over to hang out??

What do I do? I honestly want nothing to do with him- he hasn't even given me time to think about anything yet nor time to feel any different....


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  • Yea, unfortunately, your only option is to ignore him and disappear on him. You have done your duties by telling him you're no longer interested in him; sure, maybe you didn't tell him that even if he tried to win you back, it wouldn't work, but at least you had the decency to tell him that is over. By the way, next time don't say 'i can't love you right now' cause yea, guys will think..."well maybe later on she will change her mind"; so just say, you're not my ideal candidate and thus I won't be able to love you ...that is more concrete and you're saying he has no chance; but otherwise, listen to your heart and cut him off!


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  • If you don't want to talk to him, don't. He sounds like he wants to have a talk about things with you. Get him to send you an email if you can't face him.


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  • Cut him off. Just end it. No contact especially if he has a history of violence and breaking things. He is just trying to get you back. If you don't want him back then don't lead him on in any way. Just don't respond. He is grasping for any type of bone to give him the edge to move in and try to convince you to get back together. Guy's are good at that. Be strong. Stand your ground. Good luck!!

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