Is he tired of me? what can I do?

So we have been going out for 2 yrs. he is my first boyfriend. There has been so many trust issues in our relationship and a lot of problems. I am 23 he is turning 25. He proposed last year and I said yes. My parents are super strict so I can never spend the night or anything. He asked me to move in with him. He has been wanting us to live together and start a family with me for a while but there is something stopping me and it's all the problems we have had in the past. Recently after our last argument he has been acting real distant with me. Last time we argued he said its always the same thing that I always take things the wrong way and it seems everything he says it's wrong. He is tired of the kid games where I have a curfew. I told him I wanted to live by myself and he kind of got upset because he said he has been wanting to live with me for a long time and I just keep saying no. I don't feel ready I love him but I don't know what to do.


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  • Just move in with him or break up with him. He is ready for more than what he has with you and is growing impatient obviously and wants more from what he has already with you.


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  • No, he's not tired of you...


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  • Is there a chance you could try to have you own room in the same house with him? He wants to get serious and he wants to be with you. It does seem you are still trying to figure out your life and I can understand wanting time to be on your own. If you get a 2 bedroom place, the worst that can happen is a few awkward months sharing an apartment with your ex, but you'll have your own room and get that chance to live "on your own" since it would be wrong to expect him to help pay your half at that point. And best case scenario, one of those rooms becomes the nursery.


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