How to stop her from walking all over me?

Okay, following scenario:

I called a girl to ask her out at like 16:30. Couldn't reach her. I then proceeded to ask her out for lunch (nothing formal) via text at like 17:00 (couldn't call her again because I was in a library). At like 17:30, she called me at home but I wasn't there.

She didn't respond to my text the whole evening/night.

But at midnight, she suddenly responded and said "sure, if we exchange the lunch for a coffee tomorrow before noon"

I haven't responded yet. Because seriously, no matter how busy you are, not writing back for like 7h is extremely rude in my eyes.

So what do you guys think?

Should I:

a. tell her I don't have time b4 noon (which wouldn't be a complete lie)

b. ignore her and wait if she asks again/asks for a specific time/place

c. tell her a clear time/place to meet up

If I'm pursuing a relationship with her and don't want her to walk over me/disrespect me^^
Just for the record:

I didn't text her back at all after that BS.

She texted me AGAIN the next day at like 11 am., this time with a clear time/place.

I told her a different time and we met up there.

That way, I could "keep my face" and "repay" her for not texting earlier but still see her.
After our "date", she asked to see me again.


Just have to make sure to avoid the friend zone.

And btw: she has a bf...


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  • maybe she was having sex with another guy for 7 hours !


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  • She called your home phone, not your cell, then replied to you text 7 hours later? Is it possible that she was having issues with her cell? Like delayed text, or maybe the service was interrupted? Did she call your home phone from her cell? It's also possible that she lost her phone and didn't remember your cell number.

  • c. tell her a clear time/place to meet up

    see how it goes in the date. she might tell you she's sorry and explain the delay, or you might ask her yourself! give a chance and you'll see how it goes . .:) I understand your dissapointment of waiting so many hours but I think you have nothing to lose going out with her . .! good luck :)

  • Stop being a pushover

  • C its that simple!

  • Be assertive


What Guys Said 3

  • I'd stay away from her if you're interested in long-term. If she's dating guy while she has a boyfriend, know that she'll likely be doing the same to you when you're her bf...

  • I would suggest "a" and "c". I mean if you want to be serious with her, then make her go to dinner with you. Plus, it MUST be dinner. Studies show that dinner is way more intimate, and people tend to really open up. There is also another scenario, where she could want to keep it simple, hence why it's just "coffee." Don't take no for an answer and don't ask her as a question. Tell her your going to take her to dinner, place, time and all that. It would be easier if you could ask her to dinner, face to face. Much harder to avoid lol Hope I helped, Good luck !

    • but if I keep running after her like a lapdog she won't have any respect for me, will she?

      why would she want to date someone who she knows she can keep waiting for a response for 7 hours without him being bothered by it?

    • You're not running after her. Let her know it's your final offer or your gone. Make sure you're clear about what you want and ask her directly. If she beats around the bush, tell her to stop wasting your time. But you need to be ready mentally to have this conversation with her, if you are, go for it man.

  • So you finally get her to go on either a lunch date or coffee date with you, so what lunch and coffee mean nothing, except she can get a free meal out of you, and not get in trouble with her boyfriend, because she is going to lunch with her friend.

    This chick was never into you, she ignored you and ignored you until, finally to get you to stop, she agreed to lunch or coffee. You better hope her boyfriend doesn't go over and kick your ass.

    • 1. I didn't invite her, didn't pay for anything. I only pay for girls that I'm dating.

      2. I didn't put any pressure on her. I asked her once. She wrote back. I ignored it. She wrote to me AGAIN, with a certain time and place.

      3. She spent more time with me than necessary (2+ hours for one coffee)

      4. When we said goodbye, she told me that she wanted to see me again soon (without me saying anything about that).

      So yeah, you're wrong.

    • Well don't be surprised, when you get her voice mail, or no text for hours, and a response saying she is so busy with school, work, life, ect, and just can't do anything.

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