Our conversations have changed...what's up with this?

All right, so this guy and I just really started talking recently. In the beginning, his flirting would get really out of line...to the point where I would have to change the topic. Somewhere through all that, our conversations have changed. We still flirt a little, but it wasn't like how it was before. He'll ask me a lot of questions instead, or he'll send me long texts on something he's doing,etc, and we still have pretty long conversations. When we do flirt, it never gets anywhere near being sexual. Our conversations have gotten even better though, quality wise.

Has he friend-zoned me? Or does he respect me a lot more now? Haha


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  • I'd guess friend zoned, or at least assumes HE is friend zoned.

    • Hmm yeah, I might have given off that vibe haha. Straight-on flirting isn't my thing though, I'd like to get to know him first.

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    • His flirting was too much in the beginning though, even my friend didn't approve. It was like borderline sexting. Not okay.

    • borderline sexting is pushing it, but to go to no flirting suggests no interest from you.

  • if the conversations have noticeably changed, then his feelings have changed as well.


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