Girlfriend rarely responds to text?

I met this girl in the summer at a little nerdy party and we hit it off pretty well. after a few dates here and there she kept bugging me about being her boyfriend. So I asked her to be my girlfriend. And at first she would constantly text me and answer my calls before I asked her out. But now it's to the point where she won't even respond to my text or calls. So I left a voice mail saying I guess she's breaking up with me after she forwarded my call. But later around 5 am she responds with sorry my phone was dead but I know she was lying to me about her phone being dead because it rang and she immediately forwarded my call. So life goes on and neither of us attempted to contact each for 3 days until I did with a text. So still no response. So the next day I try again and nothing and so later that night I sent a text message saying that I like her but I can't do the non communication thing and I basically break up with her through text. She calls me 3 minutes later saying sorry she's been so busy and her phone has been dead? So I am like OK. but the strange thing is that she wanted me to go with her to a family dinner a few days ago after not talking to me for a while? So I said OK. And she finally started texting me and saying she missed me after basically a week after not talking to me. After a few days I come over to her house as they were getting ready to leave. She goes with me while her parents take their car. I talk to her about why she never talks to me and she gives the same excuse of dead phone. (so to me thinking she's me) attempts to break up with her,at which point her face gets really sad and she begins to tear up. So I give her an alternative to try to communicate more or break up. So she agrees. (and Everything at her families dinner went really well).. Some days have passed and I might be paranoid but it has been about 3 days since I texted her with no response.
If it helps I'm 18 she's 16


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  • Don't text her yourself, her phone can't be dead 24/7, there must be some time (even two mins) just to text you. She doesn't wanna break up but I feel the phone being dead story is b.s. Tell her you're getting really tired of it, that you asked her to change, she still didn't do it, her phone can't be dead all the time that she hasn't even got ONE minute to text you, that she better come up with a better excuse (or even better: the truth) or that it's over. I couldn't live with not hearing my boyfriend all the time either. Try talking to her again about it, don't give up just yet.


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  • Maybe she's really busy with high school since its now starting

  • She doesn't want to seem clingly


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