I found that a few years back he has a couple arrests for trafficking pills?

So I met this really nice guy on a dating site. As you should just to make sure I did a quick google search of him. I found that a few years back he has a couple arrests for trafficking pills. He is a counselor at a rehab center now apparently. Should I give him a chance to explain it or should I just be concerned about his past even though he seems to have straightened out?


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  • I hate it when people do this kinda thing ! They like a man for who he is then google to see what mistakes they have made in the past ! Who is he now, what is he likely to become ? He was a baby once who used to poop his pants, are you gonna hold that against him ?

    • Well I haven't met him or anything. And I google to make sure they don't have anything like murder, rape, etc or to see if they are still married. I also like to see if they are who they say they are. You can pretend to be whoever you want online doesn't make it true.

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    • In general I do agree with your answer. In this day, being a woman and meeting a complete stranger especially from a dating site can be risky. If it was someone she knows from work, known for years or even a friend of a friend, I'm with you.

      I also agree with you, now she want's to question him about it.

    • Well I haven't met him that's what I am wondering.

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  • Well, he's innocent until proven guilty. If he got convicted, I'd be concerned. I think you should let him explain it. Unlike violent people, drug offenders can and do turn themselves around. Of course, he is technically not an offender if he was never convicted (or plead guilty which is effectively the same thing). In short, yes, you should let him explain.

  • Well the fact he's a counselor should put you at ease, let him bring it up when he's ready.

    • Fair enough. I just know that once you were involved in that type of stuff its easy to get sucked back in is my main cause for concern. I also wasn't sure if I should be wary since I know this or bring it up or not.

    • Yeah it could upset him that you searched for him, gives the impression you already don't trust him (though I think it's a good idea too). Once you hang out with him more, you'll get a better understanding of how he's progressed so that should help more.

    • I don't believe in going out with anyone I meet online as long as they give me their full name without a quick google check. Suppose the person had a rape conviction or twelve kids and is married (had that one not the rape). It's just common sense in the internet age to check people out.

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