Why are men EXPECTED to pay for the first date?

There are probably too many of these floating around. But I just heard of a new US survey.

Apparently the #2 mistake men make on the first date is that they split the bill or go dutch, even if the girl offers to do it.


Last I checked, if I'm handing my money out to someone, it's a gesture of charity.

I don't mind paying, but as long as she takes it as a kind gesture, and that it isn't a one-way street. The stats show otherwise.

Apparently, if you pay for yourselves, like you would in any normal situation, it's a MISTAKE. Sub-Par. Cheap.

Wait, a guy is cheap if he doesn't pay for a girl, be a girl isn't cheap if she doesn't even want to pay for herself? Is it some sort of apology payment? "I'm sorry for being a guy." "I'm sorry for asking you out."

I'm sorry I sound angry. I just though this was an ideology that people agreed was outdated.

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Why are men EXPECTED to pay for the first date?
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