How can I call him out without being a b*tch?

There's a guy who I like a lot but when it comes to communication, he sucks! There are times when I send him a text asking him a question and he completely ignores me. Then he will text me out of the blue as if I never asked. I have been lenient with it but now we are suppose to be seeing each other in less than a week (he lives in another state) and I want to see my family while I am there. I asked him what days we are planning to get together, and again I have gotten no response. And I leave in less than a week. So what should I do? Just wait for him to reach out to me like I always do, then call him on it..send another text calling him out on it or what? Or should I just let him have it and forget about not being a b*tch.


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  • You've just got to be direct, if he thinks you're acting like that, then it's his problem.


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