Flirting 101: Tips for getting back into social settings

I was involved with someone for a couple of years. Things finally imploded and we broke up. Now I'm single and completely rusty on all of the things that I did to win her.

Now, I'm revamping my attire, getting cleaned up for going out, and relearning flirting all over again. I know some people say it comes naturally but I'm just shy at times =/

It feels like the dating scene has changed. What would be some good advice for someone to catch up into today's dating scene? This question is for both sexes.



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  • the dating game actually gotten easier if you ask me, most women these days only cares about is someone's appearance, but with that being said that doesn't give you the green light to act like a douche. don't be shy, introduce yourself politely, no pick up lines, don't ask desperate, accept the torment of rejection (it will happen) and it's a bonus if you don't ask them for their numbers (to talk to her enough to make her give her number to you)


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