Was it wrong for me to say this? Or am I reading too much into this?

Me and this girl were chatting (as we've been doing for the past 2 weeks) and at one point I was like "I don't get to see you" (which I really don't) and she said that "she had a lot on her hands" (school-wise).

I replied jokingly, something like "So can't you squeeze me in even just for a while? I'm not asking for a whole day. ha ha :p"

Then a few minutes later she was offline, without a reply, which bothered me because she has never done that before.

Was what I said out of line? What should I do now? Did I mess up this early? :(
Also around the same time I said that, she tweeted "-_-" which may or may not be because of me haha. Am I paranoid?


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  • It's been two weeks of chatting, maybe there was something that made her have to go offline without a reply and tweeted from her phone. Don't read too much into it, next time she is online talk as usual and if something is wrong you will know it felt out of line to her but until then don't worry too much.

    It seems like a silly little joke to me not a personal attack, if you said it to me, you'd be in the clear. All girls are different though.

    • So no mention of what I said? Just talk normally? And thanks.

    • Well if things seem like there is something wrong while you are chatting, ask her what is wrong, but if everything seems normal, don't worry about it.

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  • I wouldn't read much into it. Maybe she felt you were being too pushy but either way don't worry about it. She will contact you when things in her life settle down.

    • So I won't ask her if she's mad or anything? It's just that she hasn't really initiated anything yet (we've only known each other 2 weeks) or maybe she's just not the type to, so I doubt she'd contact me :p

    • You could give it a few days and then just text her and say hey what's up

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  • what the f*** is this p**** sh*t? "can't you squeeze me in?"

    why don't you just fall on your knees and beg her? don't do that ever again.

    • Lol I meant it as a joke.

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    • maybe some time and some distance can help. but you simply need to change your game bro.

    • Dont listen to this guy.

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