Elementary relationships?

Did anyone else ever have one? I had one that lasted from about 3rd grade through 6th. Very sweet and innocent. I actually blushed when he kissed my cheek and was horribly nervous when we would be around each other! Sometimes, I wish I was younger and could have the innocent cute relationships like that again.


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  • I had crushes, but not relationships haha


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  • I had one 1st through 5th. All the parents said we were going to get married...but we grew up and he turned into a pot head,

    • Yikes! LOL OK. Our families were friends, so our parents sort of chaperoned us. He made a sex type comment, and I was still naive and told my Mom, not realizing what it meant. They saw it to it that we "broke up". Our families still know each other, it's just a long time since all of that happened. He is a nice guy though.

    • Haha it's okay.

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