Question on guys texting back?

I was texting this guy a month ago, and we were talking for awhile, but I texted him recently, and he didn't reply. I feel like if they don't reply (well they obviously don't want to talk) but I feel awkward texting them again.. I never text anyone excessively, so it's not that I'd been bugging him, but I feel like if they don't reply once, you don't text them again?


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  • It all depends. Some people will send a couple of follow up text to make sure to see if the person will repond back or not. That does suck that you and him texted for a while and then stopped. What made you and him stop texting each other? Sometimes a person may random text you. But in this case it depends if you and him left of on good or bad terms.And I'm assuming it must had been on bad terms.

  • No, that'd be way too soon to not text again. Just try another text


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