What should I text next?

So there's this coworker I like. We flirt at work, but I'm new to flirt texting. We are in the middle of an online scrabble game, and he took about a week to make his move. So tonight I texted him that he needed to make a move or else I would sneak attack him like a cat. When he finally took his turn he played 'mew'. so 1. this isn't a coincidence right? and 2. how do I continue the flirting with that-what would be a cute message to send?
Update: OK so I texted him rawr which led to a nice 45 min text convo. Which at the end we hit a point where one of his texts was darn it(not really darn) I'm such an idiot. I responded but you're my favorite idiot, and he said oh jeeze, thanks. The convo ended almost immediately after. Is that a sign that he doesn't like me?


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  • "Hiss" or "rawr" telling him you are a bigger cat than that with a emotocon or something the like.

    make a joke about it and just do what comes naturally to you.


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  • 1. No

    2. Don't know. Just come up with something, anything. If he likes you, he won't care anyway.


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  • Is he an idiot because he lost the game or something? If so, he's probably upset about that or embarrassed, doesn't mean he doesn't like you.

    I'm no good at flirting, but saying "you're my fav idiot" might have pushed the nail deeper. Men never seem to find it a compliment or to get the confession part out of it unless you're already dating...

    • no he was calling himself a jerk before that and said it was his stick. so I commented do you mean stick or shtick, and that's when he called himself an idiot (oh and by the way he's not a jerk he just always calls himself one jokingly)

    • Ah, that was funny! So maybe he was just surprised or embarrassed, but at least it seems he got the hint. I would say not every man would play a game of scrabble with you so he's probably interested. Just have to wait a bit more for what will come out of it, right?^^

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