What do you do when you see someone heading in a path almost similar to one you recently left?

A coworker/"friend" of mine has complained about her fiance, how he doesn't really like to stay a job for too long and she's usually the provider and now because of a mistake he has to spend a stint in jail(very similar to some issues that I had with my ex) and I feel bad and want better for her, actually it kind of bugs me that she wants to stay with him, when she can do better, however now they've got a kid on the way and I'm worried that she's gonna end up in a life where she'll be unhappy and stressed. And I know love is important, but there also is some practicalities that have to be looked at, like will they be able to provide each other and their incoming child with the necessities or will they have to worry and fight for everything, I mean from what I see, he's a good man, I just worry about what's going to happen in her future with him and don't know what to do.


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  • Let her learn from her mistakes and don't guide her down the line she could blame you for something going wrong.


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